Whistle-blowers awarded $60 Million

Whistleblowing rewards

The SEC awarded $60 million to whistle-blowers in 2019. The pace of awards is even greater in 2020, with April’s total already reaching 2019’s total payouts.

The latest award went to a whistle-blower who the SEC acknowledged had provided information that substantially contributed to the investigation – the information received would not have been available without the whistle-blower.

The SEC has awarded $398 million to 78 whistle-blowers (an average of $5.1 million each) since 2012. The payments only represent from 10% to 30% of the total recoveries from businesses found culpable through the whistle-blowers information.

The SEC never reveal the identity of a whistle-blower and by reporting through Aranea the whistle-blower’s ID is protected by encrypted systems to military grade. The platform is totally anonymous. We put you in touch with an accredited Attorney to manage your case through to payout and even then we do not provide the Attorney with your personal information until we are sure they are going to manage your case.

You may also believe your information isn’t enough proof. Through Aranea, we build class action whistle-blowing claims, meaning you will be potentially in for a reward for your piece of information. Talk to us today, to discuss what you know.

You, as the whistle-blower, are in complete control.

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