Is it time for an Environment Agency Whistleblower system?

Environment Agency Whistleblower

In this article we uncover 57 global companies are responsible for 80% of climate emissions. We ask, is it time for an anonymous Environment Agency Whistleblower system?

Here at Aranea the office is gloomy. Sometimes it’s best not to read the news because it can be so depressing. And yet Andy, our MD, does it every day. He then briefs us to outline any opportunities for HX5 Encrypted (our business) and Aranea (our whistleblowing platform).

The thing is, for Aranea to capitalise on an opportunity, it generally means there is a problem somewhere not being addressed properly. And the Environment is definitely one of those problems. Almost daily we read stories of one disastrous development or another.

Today, is a real milestone in this hunt for knowledge and opportunity. And it is a milestone that we simply cannot believe. The below statistic has been produced by

“80% of global emissions from 2016 through 2022 can be traced to just 57 corporate and state producing entities”


We at Aranea are stunned at this statistic. I personally, and this is my personal opinion, feel it is a waste of time the average person putting plastic into recycling and trying to do our best in a lame attempt to buy time for the planet. What really is the point when just 57 companies are causing the damage they are?

As an ‘average Joe’, how on earth can I impact change to a degree that comes anywhere near what damage these 57 companies are doing?

All of the companies/entities are in the oil, gas, coal and cement industries. So, it isn’t entirely their fault. We all use what they produce in some way or another. Either driving our cars, heating our homes or buying their products. In the seven years since the Paris Climate deal these companies have ALL increased their output of fossil fuels and associated gases. Those increases are based on their output from the seven years before the agreement. In other words, these conferences (COP) are simply talking shops were the Politicians fail us cataclismically.

We are going backwards.

Environmental disaster - whistleblowing can solve it

In the office we talk about the future. I think we all recognise those of us born in the 60/70/80’s have probably enjoyed the best life chances ever in human existence. And I think we all recognise those born as millenials and their own future generations are going to suffer due to our collective inertia. We are not making enough headway into the problem. I personally foresee major civil unrest in the years ahead. We moan about groups like Extinction Rebellion when they block our routes to work or throw paint at a sporting event. I don’t particularly support their tactics but I foresee an age when this type of protest will be small fry to major civil unrest as Governments are forced into serious changes to try and save the planet – it is quickly becoming too late to glide into required environmental changes. Ala Electric cars being pushed back in the UK, the lack of distribution of electricity to manage demand being just one problem.

In the Guardian there is a story that claims;

Environment Agency Whistleblower

Every minute of every day we destroy ten football pitches of rainforest. In 2023 we destroyed the equivalent of a plot the size of Switzerland – 37,000 Km2

World Resource Institute

Only yesterday I read another article in the news claiming Antarctica suffered last year as it was the hottest since records began. An alarming statistic states that if the polar caps melted the sea levels would rise by 60 metres. This would impact not only the loss of land and complete submersion of some countries but also the gravitational pull of the planet as the weight of that water spread evenly across the globe. I can’t imagine what this would to all life on Earth.

Antarctica environmental whistleblowers

We are changing the world collectively in catastrophic ways. The problem is no one has a solution for it. We ‘roughly’ know what needs doing. But there is no tangible and achieveable route to make it happen. We all just keep chugging along in our cars, enjoying our holidays around the globe and consuming the planets resources in ever increasing ways.

We need change that politicians are too frightened to contemplate. The cycle of five year governmental terms is not enough to impact when ‘they’ want to be voted in again. For politicians to make the necessary changes they have to become uber unpopular. And so the wheel keeps turning, and we keep destrioying the planet.

At Aranea we of course have a carbon footprint. Our systems run on servers consuming electricity. Andy, Our MD, has committed today, to start to research how we can reduce that. Maybe we move our servers to a partner who uses clean electricity. And we all go remote permanently (fingers crossed on that one!). We print less and reduce consumables.

Environment Agency Whistleblower System

We can also impact by allowing our Whistleblowing platform to be used in the environmental field for free. We think it will be the public that bring about change in the climate crisis, not politicians. The public will lead them to a position where they have to act, not be afraid to act. I just hope that change comes sooner rather than later as the later it does come, it is likely to be brought in through significant civil unrest – the kind of unrest you only see in the movies.

If you are concerned about the Environment and know of any Corporate transgression, download our apps and report today. It is free to use and we will make sure your concern is addressed by the corporate themselves or the regulators. Our Environment Agency Whistleblower system can and will help to bring transgressions to light.

Only when brave people stand can change happen. Report today through our Environment Agency Whistleblower system to make your concerns heard.

And if you’re a corporate or regulator and want to use our software for the good of the planet, contact us via our corporate website at this link.

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