Report Your Concerns While Maintaining Your Anonymity.

We do not collect any of your data. You can open an account with no real name, no real email and refuse location. The location data we do collect (with your approval) is to make sure people reporting are actually linked to the area they report upon. Yet we only collect ‘rough’ location and then we ’round’ the latitude and longitude data to make your location very rough indeed. We donot share your locationwith anyone.

Three things for you to do.

  1. Download the App.
  2. Create an account
  3. Open a concern and report what you know.

We will forward to the correct department and enable you to communicate directly with that organisation through the application. This GUARANTEES your anonymity.

Win rewards for your information

Get rewards in the US for informaton leading to the recovery of USD to the US. We help you to secure rewardsfor reporting tax evasion or money laundering. The biggest reward to date…$278M to a single whistleblower.

Free on Android, $1 on Apple. Remember only when strong people report can systems change to support a fairer society.

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