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The Importance of Whistleblowing

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The Importance of Whistleblowing Whistleblowing is an essential mechanism for promoting transparency and accountability within organisations. When employees witness unethical behaviour, illegal activities, or gross misconduct, they are often compelled to speak out to rectify these wrongdoings. This act of exposing malfeasance can be driven by a deep sense of moral duty, as individuals feel ….  Read More

Asda Whistleblowing

Asda Whistleblowing: Recognising Misconduct In Big Supermarket Chains

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Ethical and other forms of misconduct transcend all industries, affecting them with disregard for the size of the company and its operations. It can take different behaviours and approaches, and identifying and reporting them can prove difficult. Asda whistleblowing is crucial for families around the UK as they try to protect themselves from potential health ….  Read More

Whistleblowing rewards

Whistle-blowers awarded $60 Million

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The SEC awarded $60 million to whistle-blowers in 2019. The pace of awards is even greater in 2020, with April’s total already reaching 2019’s total payouts. The latest award went to a whistle-blower who the SEC acknowledged had provided information that substantially contributed to the investigation – the information received would not have been available ….  Read More